Designed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 is a professional sampler and step sequencer featuring the Prophet-6 filter, bringing new creative possibilities to producers and DJs working in the studio or performing live. The SP-16 utilizes a simple layout with a 7″ touchscreen to load samples, create patterns, add FX, loops, and manipulate their parameters to make inspiring and original music.
The Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 features a powerful engine, which organizes each project into scenes, tracks, and patterns. A project can have up to 16 scenes, with each scene holding 16 tracks for a total of 256 samples. Each track holds a pattern with 4 to 64 steps. The arrangement function allows you to select any number of patterns for playback and specify how many times a pattern plays, as well as any tempo changes. Each sample track includes an AMP envelope, insert FX, and a sequence editor. Additionally, there are send FX and master FX available to help craft professional-sounding mixes direct from the unit.

The front panel features 16 large, multi-colored LED pads with velocity sensitivity. Each track can have a custom color to help keep you organized in low-light situations. The analog filter section offers a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter with resonance and overdrive. There are four function buttons including track, mute, slice, and scale, which enable you to play a sample chromatically or within an assigned musical scale for melodies and basslines. The touch strip can be utilized for pitch and repeat, or assigned to custom parameters within the sample or FX engines. Additionally, any parameter can be sequenced on a per-step basis, which allows for intricate FX sequencing. The Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 ships with an AC power adapter, a power cord, USB cable, and a LAN cable.

Full-Color Touch Display

  • The full-color 7″ touch display gives you instant access to all the info you need
  • Browse, select, and color-code samples intuitively, while manipulating their parameters with the rotary dials just below the screen

Step Sequencer

  • A 16-step sequencer lets you create up to 256 different patterns
  • Save and play back your loops instantly, and use the dials to modulate the sounds
  • Backlit buttons reflect the colors assigned to each sound for a visual guide

Tactile Performance Pads

  • Load up to 16 samples to the large rubber pads, then finger-drum freely to layer sounds on the fly
  • Multi-Color LEDs: Show what samples are in play
  • Velocity Mode: Control the sample volume with the amount of pressure you apply

Power Processing Engine

  • Play with 16 samples simultaneously, even when using time stretch, pitch bend, or the amp envelope
  • Flash Memory: 8GB of flash memory provides you with enough space to use the TORAIZ SP-16 as a standalone unit, with no need for a laptop

Dave Smith Analog

  • The Toraiz SP-16 has the same analog filters as Dave Smith’s renowned Prophet-6 synthesizer
  • Use the dials to sculpt your sound—manipulate drive, cutoff, and resonance to add true analog warmth and presence

Touch Strip

  • Use the touch strip for instinctive control of various parameters including pitch-bending

Pre-Installed Samples from Loopmasters

  • Get started with 2GB of pre-installed samples from Loopmasters

Beat Sync

  • Connect compatible devices via PRO DJ LINK, and the sampler will snap your one-shots and loops to the beat of the master deck
  • A MIDI clock also lets you connect other devices via USB and stay in sync
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