Combine voice with the Sonos app to easily manage all your streaming services. Connect wirelessly to other Sonos speakers to enjoy clear sound in any or every room
Enjoy surprisingly rich sound from a compact speaker. Second generation Sonos ONE with increased memory and updated processo

Sonos ONEG2UK1 Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

Sonos Amp is the all-new, versatile amplifier to power all your entertainment and brings the sonic content you love to every room of your home. The Amp has been redesigned with more than twice the power of the original Connect:Amp, with more versatility, and will enable new experiences through the platform.

Play your favourite streaming

content on Sonos, connect to your TV through HDMI-ARC, or plug into any audio device, including a turntable to power your vinyl collection.

Sonos Amp

will fit in any home environment, whether as a compact and elegant solution for in-rack AV installations, wall mounted, tucked under furniture, or on display in a room.