The Shure PSM200 In Ear Monitoring System will improve your all important personal monitoring in live situations.
    The traditional way for any gigging musicians to monitor is to use floor mounted wedge monitors – this setup has numerous downfalls including a potential short delay on music coming from the monitor (making you play out of time) and imperfect sound depending on where you stand. With in-ear monitors you’ll get the sound you want, with no delay and and when used correctly, no damage to your ears.
    The package contains SE-112 Sound Isolating earphones, a P2R receiver and a P2T transmixer.
    Setting up the PSM200 system is easy. Simply connect two line-level or mic–level inputs directly into the transmixer. Set the frequency on the transmixer using a single button, and the same again on the bodypack receiver. Connect your earphones to the P2R, set up your desired mix using the personal mix controls on the front of the transmixer and you are now all ready to go.


    The Shure BLX288UK B58X K14 offers professional vocal reproduction alongside rock solid wireless connectivity allowing the freedom of the entire stage The BLX288UK B58 system provides the ideal solution when looking for vocal clarity in any situation where two handheld wireless microphones are required at the same time World renowned Beta 58A capsules feature a supercardioid pick up pattern and are ideal for close up vocals A tailored frequency response ensures the precise and accurate reproduction of voice with a warm and rich tone The BLX2 B58 transmitters features a lightweight design with rugged construction to stand up to the rigors of the stage

    AED2,940.00 inc. VAT