• Yamaha YFL222 Flute

    The Yamaha line of standard flutes has been updated to exceed the evolving needs of Student flutists. With a leading tip key arm design and a complete overhaul and update to many aspects of the production process, the 200 series standard flutes emphasize the Yamaha consistency and quality that keeps these glasses singing and strong for young flutists. The yfl-222 closed-hole function keys allow your beginner to Flutist to enjoy learning to play the flute while facilitating its correct hand position.

    Yamaha YFL222 Flute

    AED2,278.50 inc. VAT
  • Yamaha YFL212 Flute

    Our Custom and Professional grade flutes have earned a reputation for exceptional quality, design, performance and consistency, thanks to the craftsmanship of our brass and woodwind workshops.

    Our Student models inherit many of the same hallmarks – but, to aid new flautists, our Student flutes are designed and shaped to encourage best-technique, as well as offering superb playability. For instance, we’ve designed the lip plate to guide beginners toward proper breath utilisation and keys with extensively tested dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why our Student flutes have become bestsellers worldwide.

    Yamaha YFL212 Flute

    AED2,457.00 inc. VAT