Behringer’s Ultrabass BX4500H 450-Watt Bass Amplifier Head comes equipped with a 5-band EQ with Shaper, Deep and Bright functions to help you to shape your sound. There is a vintage-style VU meter so you can precisely monitor your signal level. On board is Behringer’s unique technology, the Dynamizer that helps give you the ultimate punch. A switchable Ultrabass subharmonics processor creates stunning low-end power.

In addition, the BX4410H allows you to expand your sound with FX inserts for external effects devices. There is also a balanced stereo XLR line out with a ground/lift switch, which enables a direct connection to your mixing console. Included is a dual footswitch that allows you to control Ultrabass and Shape functions.

Versatile Sound Tools

With Dynamizer technology, you can be assured of maximum punch and energy at any volume. At 450W that is a lot of power. This Ultrabass has a switchable subharmonics processor, which delivers stunning low-end power. The 5-band equalizer along with Bright, Shape and Deep functions let you shape your own sound. There is also an integrated musical opto-limiter, which ensures that you can play at full volume without distortion.

Inputs and Outputs

You can use the balanced line out XLR output to feed the audio signal from your Ultrabass to an external mixing console. The send/return connections allow you to hook your amp up to external sound effect devices. Plus, you get 3 loudspeaker connectors, a connector for your dual footswitch, and a send output that doubles as a tuner output.