Behringer’s Ultrabass BXL450A 45 Watt 2-Channel Bass Workstation comes with a 10″ Hard Attack Series BUGERA speaker and a 5-band EQ with a frequency indicator to help you to shape your sound. You can clarify or distort your sound with dedicated channel Gain, Shape and Level controllers.

In addition, the BXL450A has a dedicated CD input and a headphone output, allowing you to play or practice in privacy.

Versatile Sound Tools

This Ultrabass features a clean channel with a dedicated Gain controller. The 5-band equalizer with Gain, Shape and Level functions allow you to further shape your sound. Plus, there is an integrated musical opto-limiter, which ensures that you can play at full blast without distortion.

Durable & Lightweight

The strong metal enclosure with its high-grade wood cabinet covered in vinyl assures a long life for this amp. Its light weight, compact size and durability makes this amp ideal for practice and taking out on the road.