The new Bose SoundComm B40 Headset is engineered to deliver the best combination of noise cancellation performance, clear communication, comfort, and durability to live event professionals, production crews, and sport sideline coaching and support staff.

Audio clarity and speech intelligibility are key to every successful live broadcast and event, so we equipped the new SoundComm B40 with proprietary Bose acoustic noise cancellation technology to reduce distracting background noise. Then we added a dynamic noise canceling mic which optimizes intelligibility and provides far-field noise rejection to enable clear outgoing communication.

Lightweight materials, intelligent distribution of weight, low clamping force, and dedicated left and right Earcup allow for hours of comfortable wear. Its rugged design and high-quality components ensure it can endure the wear and tear of professional use and environmental extremes.

Clear communication, long-term comfort, and durability make the B40 a great choice for live event professionals working in outdoor or indoor events such as camera operators, lighting professionals, front of house engineers, and event production crews.

The B40’s advanced technology provides precise and intelligible intercom audio, giving place of worship production crews the support they need to work as a team and capture important moments.

Tested and proven on the sidelines of the NFL, the B40 builds on the strengths of the SoundComm B30 coaches headset. The B40 features Bose acoustic noise cancellation technology which reduces crowd noise and helps to facilitate focus for professional, college-level, and high school sports coaching and sideline support staff.

The B40 includes everything you need to get connected right away – 4-pin XLRF and 5-pin XLRM variants ensure compatibility with many major intercom systems, and a universal belt pack bracket and belt clip kit attach the control module directly to the user.



  • A professional communication headset
  • A must-have for high-noise environments where communication is critical
  • Don’t compromise comfort for durability
  • Ideal for live music and theater production
  • Seamless church and worship productions
  • An edge for coaching and support staff
  • The right headset for a smooth, flawless production



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