It’s been four years since Pioneer DJ updated the DJM-900NXS2, which set the bar for most manufacturer’s performance DJ mixers. For NAMM 2020, Pioneer unveiled the next evolution of its professional DJ mixer, the DJM-V10, a well-spec’d 6-channel powerhouse that certainly ups the ante and raises the bar yet again.

Designed to produce warm audio that’s full of energy and presence, the DJM-V10 utilizes a 32-bit SABRE 8-channel DAC and a 32-Bit Velvet Sound ADC, which provide an uncompromising sound with rich, high-definition and low-distortion sound. Coupled with the studio quality 64-bit mixing and dither processing, a low-jitter clock, and many other audiophile components, the V10 ensures a full low end, vibrant mids, and precise highs.

Create your ideal setup with 6 channels, accommodating CDJs, turntables, samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, and more. With its built-in 24-bit/96 kHz sound card, you won’t have to worry about signal deterioration when you’ve connected the device to your computer. Whether you’re handling sends, individual channels, or the master signal, you can route I/O via USB to your computer. Enjoy smooth DJ handovers by simultaneously connecting 2 laptops (PC/Mac).

Additionally, there is a MULTI I/O terminal, which features USB and ¼” connections for utilizing the iPad app version of the RMX-1000 or the hardware version. Plus, you can record your mix direct to your iOS device with the DJM-REC app with no loss of quality. And finally, the Pro DJ Link and MIDI DIN output allow you to synchronize any internal or external hardware.

Each channel strip features a trim, 4-band EQ (Hi, Hi-Mid, Low-Mid, Low), a dedicated High Pass or Low Pass filter with resonance (switchable), Beat FX assignment, and a dedicated send matrix, which includes four built-in FX processor with parameter controls, as well as two stereo FX sends (on ¼” connectors) with built-in returns for integrating your favorite outboard FX processors. If that weren’t enough, Pioneer kindly included a compressor for each of the six channels, allowing you to play vintage or unreleased tracks seamlessly alongside productions executed in the modern, squashed style. Pioneer claims this compression knob can “beef up” the audio, applying more pressure to quieter tracks, and boosting the sound of weaker tracks, all while exhibiting only a minimal effect on mastered music.

For monitoring the V10 features dual headphones outputs and a dedicated booth EQ. The Cueing system sees each output as an independent “A & B” with dedicated buttons on each channel, allowing for seamless back-to-back performances. The booth EQ can help tweak the sound from the monitors for prevent ear fatigue.


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