• Fifine N5 4 Channel line Mixer

    Set up with multiple gears in a more direct way

    • Allows 4 channel inputs from guitar, bass, MIDI keyboard, microphone, etc. 
    • Each channel can be connected with balanced professional equipment or unbalanced consumer products.   
    • Output to the audio mixer, amplifier or processor.

    Have more fun in your use

    • The compact size makes it unnoticeable until people hear the great results of your mix. 
    • The individual level control saves time on the equalization of recording.  
    • With its flexibility, you can literally do whatever you want from mixing instruments and vocal in studio or jam with buddies at a live event.  

    Solid build & sound quality

    • It is built of solid metal construction to the highest industry standards withstanding drops and knocks.
    • Each channel maintains the clearest audio from all kinds of sources without distortion even at the loudest volume.  

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