• Pioneer DJ TSP-16 Remix Stations/Effectors

    Designed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 is a professional sampler and step sequencer featuring the Prophet-6 filter, bringing new creative possibilities to producers and DJs working in the studio or performing live. The SP-16 utilizes a simple layout with a 7″ touchscreen to load samples, create patterns, add FX, loops, and manipulate their parameters to make inspiring and original music.

  • Pioneer DJ TAS-1 Remix Stations/Effectors

    Designed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, the Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer based on the discrete analog circuitry of the Prophet-6 synthesizer, bringing new creative possibilities to the studio and the stage. The intuitive controls include parameter knobs, which allow for subtle or dramatic changes to the tone of your music to create a personalized sound. Additionally, the on-board, touchpad-style keyboard and slider allow for sound manipulation on the fly during performances.

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 Remix Stations/Effectors

    The Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 is an add-on USB bus-powered performance controller designed for DJs who use rekordbox dj or Serato DJ Pro software. Any performer using turntables, multiplayers, or external devices will benefit from a wide array of creative possibilities. The DDJ-XP2 offers an intuitive layout with 32 low-latency multicolored performance pads, two touch strips for dynamic control over slide FX, and 16 performance modes including Hot Cue, Pad FX, Beat Jump, and Sampler, as well as Auto-, Saved-, and Manual Loop modes. Further control enhancements include Pitch Play, Roll, Slicer, Transport, and Beatgrid Edit modes.

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Remix Stations/Effectors

    Designed as a safeguard against damage, the smoke/clear Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-XP1 Cover is made of a durable polycarbonate material. It is custom-made for the DDJ-XP1 to protect the pads and knob from impact during transport. It also keeps the unit free from dust and debris. The lightweight transparent cover fits in flight cases and controller bags. It is designed to accommodate the unit even when it is fully connected and ready for use, which is convenient for protection during shows where there are multiple performers set up on stage.

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